• Essie Letterpress is a design and print studio - started by two people in love with colour, pattern and texture.
    Letterpress is a thing of beauty to us and we’re proud to share this timeless craft with people who love our work. 
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  • Letterpress is one the oldest forms of printing which is one of the reasons we love it. During the 1950s, advances in machinery caused this type of printing to be overshadowed by more modern processes, but we’re proud to have brought it back.
    The actual printing is a time and labour intensive process. The letterpress punches the designs into the paper, creating a beautiful relief not achieved with other kinds of printing. The look is clean and crisp and our products have an old worldly, handcrafted feel to them, which makes them different to anything printed on more modern machines.
    Our impression depth (how far we push the type or artwork into the paper) can range from a kiss to a heavy impression, depending on your requirements.
    For most of our jobs we use a Heideberg Platen Press, but we also have a German Korrex Proofing Press that gets dusted off for those special projects.