The number of units you would like

The size and format of the unit and whether you would like rounded edges

The number of colours you would like (3 is our maximum). You can either choose a colour from our standard Ink selection or you can choose any pantone colour at a surcharge. See our stock ink list under Information

Whether you would like any imagery printed. Please note that not all imagery can be pressed, but we will guide you on this. When you require your units by.

Wedding invites should go out 8 weeks prior to the wedding, and we need 4-6 weeks to print so please ensure you have enough time.

Whether you would like anything else printed if you are having wedding invites printed. Eg. Map, menu, programme, rsvp card, thank you cards etc.

Your wording with all relevant information. (we can help you with this if you would like)

The paper colour and grammage that you would like. See our separate list of papers…
Once we have received all of the above information from you we will compile a quotation. On acceptance of this, we will send you a 50% non-refundable invoice, which will also have our bank details on it.

On receipt of payment, we will begin work on your design. The best is if we speak with you to hear about what you have in mind, or if you send us images of invites you like. You can also decide to roll the dice and see what we come up with. We are always keen to try new things. We will need up to 5 business days to do the design work. We will send you a proof and on signed acceptance of this will begin printing. Design time is charged at an hourly rate of R350.
Since we are papersmiths and not wordsmiths we can not be held liable for any spelling errors, once you have signed off your proof.
We will send you a balance invoice a few days before we courier the invites to you, this will include the cost to courier the invites to you.
We reserve the right to use any designs that we have designed for marketing purposes.
We recommend that you do not opt for a large, flat, coloured area as this causes the paper to buckle and prohibits a very deep impression.
We can do blind debossing (when we print with a white, transparent ink)
Letters should not be too small (not smaller than 2mm in height)
Due to the fact that we have to get a plate made for every image / word, the cost is obviously prohibitive to get a plate made for a once off item (eg. A seating chart for a wedding). Of course if you would like something like this printed you can.
We do not encourage people to have double sided printing done, as the debossed impression that defines letterpress becomes compromised, as we can’t make too deep an impression on either side of the page.
Due to the fact that we use cotton rich papers, we are limited in the colours available. We can work with white and ivory papers, but this shouldn’t discourage you, as you can obviously add colour with the ink and with added ribbons etc. If you would like to use your own papers we cannot guarantee that it will press properly.
With regards to the proofs for approval – we will send you a digital proof and not a printed one, as the cost to make printed proofs would be too expensive
Have fun.
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